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Moving is hard enough as it is, but it becomes even more difficult when you have to shift special items. If you have a piano, a pool table, a custom-designed playground for your kids, or a jacuzzi, shifting these items can be a bit of a problem. They are not easy to move around, they are tremendously heavy, and most of all, they are extremely delicate. On top of all this, these items are usually very expensive, and most customers can’t afford for them to be damaged. Indeed, because moving is such a sensitive activity, it’s important that you take special care when packing these special items.

If you are unsure whether or not you can move all of this stuff by yourself, you should get in touch with us. At C & D Movers, we offer a specialized service for moving these delicate items. We go to great lengths to ensure that all of your items are delivered to you with the utmost care and caution. Here are just some of the different things that we do to ensure that your special items are moved with the greatest of care.

We Pack with Extreme Attention to Detail

Nobody is perfect, and there’s always a chance that such expensive things can get scratched or damaged along the way. However, we try our best to minimize the chances of damage by paying immense attention to detail. Whether you want to move a piano, a pool table, or a jacuzzi, we will first send over a team of packers to your place. These packing professionals are equipped with all of the right tools for the job, and will take great care when packing your special items. We will carefully wrap the items with the proper packing material to minimize impact and ensure that there are no chances of them being scratched along the way. Our job is to ensure that you get the very best services when moving special items, and it all starts with the packing.


Lifting such heavy items is not a job for one person alone. In fact, we will assign a full team of professionals to lift the special items with care so that they don’t break due to the immense pressure. Distributing the weight effectively is very important, so we will have a full team for lifting and then moving the item. If you live in an apartment, we will first decide on the best course of action for how to move the item before we commence.  

The Best Choice

Throughout the years that we have been in service, we have helped many customers move their large and delicate items with care. We have experience in handling such things, and we know what needs to be done to move these items, no matter what they might be. We are the best choice in Chicago for those who have to move special items, and with the amount of experience that we have under our belts, we guarantee that you won’t have anything to worry about whatsoever! Call us today to find out more about how we move such items!

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